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Why Use a Buyers Agent Melbourne?

At Melbourne Buyers Agents, Melbourne Buyers Advocates (MBA), our passion is for buying great properties that suit our Clients’ needs and will perform for them financially.

MBA (Melbourne Buyer’s Advocates) applies a wealth of buyers agency experience and personalised service to support all types of home, house and property buyers. No matter whether you are a first home buyer, someone purchasing property from interstate or overseas, a first time or experienced investor expanding your portfolio, or whomever, we have the experience to guide you to a successful & worthwhile property purchase. You can clearly see how we've helped a wide range of clients on our "What our clients say" client testimonial page.

In large property or house or home buyer agencies, some clients get "lost" or passed down to inexperienced or junior Advocates. That won’t happen here. We are a specialised small but experienced group of buyers agents and provide you with the personalised service you deserve & our service takes into account your needs & objectives.

Over many years, we have found that our unique Buyers Agent process delivers wins to our clients time and again. We know what we are doing – we will not allow you to buy a “lemon” and we will get you the best deal possible for your particular needs & situation.

Benefits of Using MBA as Your Buyers Agents Melbourne

We take the emotion out of it – we assess potential properties on facts & logic using our wealth of experience. Even if you love the house and are prepared to pay extra to get it, we’ll still advise you on the absolute maximum you should pay to purchase the property.

We reveal no unnecessary information when dealing with the sales agent. They’ll have no idea who we are acting for, or how well suited or emotionally attached our client is to the property streghtening our negotiating position.

We will provide you with detailed advice and analysis of recent, truly relevant, comparable sales data for specific properties you’re interested in. WE won't give you irrelevant ones or just information about the higher value property sales ... as the real estate sales agent will present to you in an attemnpt to drive up your perception of the value of the property in question.

We always look to negotiate the lowest possible purchase price for you, our client.

We will NEVER let you buy a sub-standard property. We assess, identify, reveal and explain all the good & bad points about a property that the real estate sales agent won’t want to talk about or highlight in any way.

We can also provide obligation free introductions to, or recommendations for, a wide range of highly skilled property professionals you may potentilly also need – finance brokers, building inspectors, land surveyors, builders, handymen, sales agents, and so on.

We can save you a substantial amount of time & stress when researching properties, analysing markets and liaising with lenders.

Paul Garson, the principal of Melbourne Buyers Advocates, is also a very experienced licensed conveyancer – our affiliation with Stonnington Conveyancing means we can complete your settlement seamlessly, and for MBA Clients, at a reduced fee.

Don’t let budget pressures shut you down. We can find viable alternatives that you may not have seen or thought of – for locations you’re unfamiliar with. We help you think ‘outside the square’.

Save on travel expenses – we can help you research & purchase properties if you are located interstate or overseas as we have done for a number of other Melbourne Buyers Agents clients.

As we are real estate professionals with many years expereince we have a wide network of contacts and as a result, we regularly have inside information on properties yet to be listed, including the famed ‘off-market sales‘ that never get advertised to the general public.

We make sure you don’t choose the ‘wrong’ property.

We ensure you get the best price.

We definitely save you time and save your sanity.

We enable you to take advantage of MBA’s extensive Melbourne real estate expertise.

Contact A Buyers' Agent in Melbourne

For more information regarding Melbourne Buyer’s Agent fees and our Buyers Agency process, feel free to contact us. You can call us on +61 3 9813 8444 or go to our Contact Us page where you will find phone numbers, email addresses, a map of our office location and an online contact form.

The best property for the best price equals the best Capital Growth.