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Benefits of Using a Buyer's Agent in Melbourne?

MBA (Melbourne Buyer’s Advocates) applies a wealth of buyers agency experience and personalised service to support all types of home, house & investment property buyers. Our Buyers Agent process delivers wins to our clients time and again. We know what we are doing – we will not allow our Clients to buy a “lemon” and we will get you the best deal possible.

At Melbourne Buyers Agents, Melbourne Buyers Advocates (MBA), our passion is for buying Great Properties that suit our Clients’ needs and will perform for them Financially.

Below we have listed just some of the examples where we have provided benefits in terms of saving money, saving time & reducing your stress when purchasing a property using the experience & skills offered by our Buyers Agency, Melbourne Buyers Advocates.

We can save you money

We take the emotion out of it – we assess properties on facts and logic. Even if you love the house and are prepared to pay extra to get it, we’ll still advise you on the absolute maximum.

With our knowledge & skills we saved one client $140,000 on the purchase of a $1.01m property. (Read more.)

Many times, what we have saved our clients in relation to the purchase price of their property, has well and truly exceeded our fees (Read more) & the savings from using our advocacy services well & truly paid for itself. (Read more.)

We can save you time & stress

As we do the work to review the contracts of sale & negotiate with the Vendors Real Estate Agent, we significantly reduce your stress during the purchase of a property (Read more.), leaving you to enjoy life to the max (Read more.)

You have our Melbourne Real Estate Market knowledge & expertise on your side

We can advise you in relation to the current real estate market, a properties realistic value & then help with the negotiations. (Read more).

As part of our Buyers Advocacy process we do a Detailed Assessment of a Property & the Sales Documents to identify any issues or hidden deal-breakers, and identify unfavourable special conditions. (Read more.)

Even seemlingly small things can make a difference ... such as a double car park in innner city Collingwood and the impact on an investment properties rentability. (Read more.)

And for clients from interstate or overseas, we help them find and buy the best property for the best price, oftentimes saving them much more than our fees. (Read more.)

We regularly have inside information on properties yet to be listed, including the famed ‘off-market‘ sales that never get advertised.

We have the negotiation skills

Knowing how to negotiate for a successful purchase, in one case we helped a client buy the "best house" for $45,000 less than the client was willing to pay! (Read more.)

And for another client, we helped them secure a large site when competing against a bunch of hungry developers, & secured the property for a price well below the current council valuation. (Read more.)

And if a property is passed in at Auction, we have often helped with post auction negotiation to secure a successful purchase. (Read more.)

Ideal for those overseas or from interstate looking to purchase a property in Melbourne.

Our knowledge of the Melbourne market is a key benefit to you if you are from overseas or interstate. You can save on travel expenses having us act on your behalf. And we can act for you even if you are overseas or interstate at the time of the Auction . (Read more.)

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The best property for the best price equals the best Capital Growth.