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Buyers Agent Frequently Asked Questions

Buyers Advocates or Buyers Agents want to ensure you only buy high quality property and then we want to negotiate the lowest possible price for you, the property buyer. However, a Real Estate Sales agent wants to sell you only their own listings and negotiate the highest price for the seller. Their commission increases with a higher selling price.
A Buyers Agent or Buyers Advocate looks after the interests of the Buyer or Purchaser in Buying a Property. Unlike a real estate agent, the Buyer's Agents do not look after the interests of the Vendor.
Whereas the Vendor’s Sales Agent will be trying to get a quick and high priced Sale, a Buyer's Agent will act exclusively on behalf of a person wishing to Buy a house or property via private sale or auction.
This involves:-
* Sourcing (ie Finding Suitable Properties for You, but we are also very happy to look at Properties you find);
* Assessing (ie Rejecting Properties with “Deal Breakers” and ensuring that only the Better/Best Properties are Considered; and
* Negotiating/Bidding (ie Buying the Property for you at the Best Possible Price).

A Buyer's Agent or Buyer's Advocate reduces your risk & saves you time and money when buying a house, home or property. Buyer's Agents identify & assess prospective properties, provide analysis of recent comparable sales, negotiate with Sales Agents and act without emotion during the purchase process.

See Our Process page for more detailed information about how we Work.
A Buyers Agent Fee or Buyers Advocate Fee is the remuneration paid to a Buyers Advocate for their professional expertise applied during all phases of the Identification, Assessment & Purchase of a house, home, apartment or land property. Buyers Agent Fees are comprised of both modest fixed fees (for such things as Due Diligence and Engagement) and a percentage of the purchase price. You should note that the percentage fee is incentive driven and ONLY payable after a successful purchase of a property.

See our Buyers Agents Fees page for more detailed information about our fees.
A Buyers Agent or Buyers Advocate is an Experienced & Qualified real estate Professional who acts solely on behalf of a property Buyer during the Identification, Assessment & Purchase of a Property.

See Our Process page for more detailed information about how we Work.
Buyers Advocates or Buyers Agents are required to be fully Licensed under the Real Estate Agents’s Act.
Most investors & home buyers can benefit in using a good buyers advocate. Good buyers advocates will have all the requisite qualifications, experience, networks and insights that most property buyers simply will not have. Buyers Advocates are a proven way to reduce risk, save time and save money when buying or investing in property.
Using a Buyers Agent or Buyers Advocate will save you time, money & reduce your risk.
We guarantee you that :-
* You will NOT Buy a “dud” Property, and
* You will NOT Pay too Much!

A Buyers Agent/Buyers Advocate will save you time identifying & assessing suitable properties – our Vast Experience means we can identify positives and negatives in Properties very quickly!
A Buyers Agent/Buyers Advocate also has contacts in the industry for “Off Market” Properties that are offered to Buyers Agents &/or Buyers Advocates before Advertising and going Public.
A Buyers Agent &/or Buyers Advocate will save you money by properly assessing recent sales for comparable properties to identify a realistic purchase price limit.
A Buyers Agent &/or Buyers Advocate will reduce your risk by quickly identifying the positive and negative points about a prospective property. These steps will also reduce your risk to ensure you do not purchase a sub-optimal property and/or simply, pay too much for a property.

See Our Process page for more detailed information as to why you should use a Buyers Agent such as Melbourne Buyers Advocates.
Yes – MBA and its Directors are fully Licensed Buyer’s Agents and can source, assess, negotiate and Buy Property anywhere in Victoria.
Yes – MBA has considerable experience helping overseas & interstate property purchasers & thus many satisfied overseas and interstate buyers of Melbourne properties.

We use a 4-step proven Process.

MBA will charge you exactly $0.00 to call or come in for a chat. It’s worth it to find out how we can help you buy better and that would typically include a Preliminary assessment of a “target” property that you might fancy to get a feel for what you do and don’t like.

If the Property passes the Preliminary Assessment, then we do a deep Due Diligence Report. We do charge for detailed Reports on Properties, but they are not expensive. Our full Process and Costs are here.

If we all decide the Property passes all the tests, and you decide to engage us, our fee is $550.00.

Our full Process and Costs are here.

We offer you the decades of combined experience of MBA, hours of detailed preparation and research, access to our network of contacts and the benefits of our considerable industry knowledge.

If we cannot successfully negotiate you a purchase within the price limit and brief you give us, then the only charge is $550 for our time in trying (plus the Due Diligence Report).

On a successful purchase for you, our fee range will between 1-2% (plus GST) depending on the price range of the property.  We will offer you a three-tier “incentive bracket” fee structure within that range of 1-2%, where the more cheaply we can buy for you, the more you and we both win.

Our full Process and Costs are here.

Our results tell us this is a very fair fee structure for the services we deliver.

Absolutely. Our related company, Stonnington Conveyancing is the most respected Conveyancing Practice in the Inner suburbs of Melbourne. Due to that relationship, we understand the fine print of the sale contract. We read every word on every page “in-house”, investigate thoroughly and advise you accordingly. We are continually amazed with what others don’t check, or miss.

To our knowledge, we are the only related companies offering both Licensed Conveyancing (Settlements/Sales Documents) and Licensed Buyer’s Advocacy services under the one roof in Melbourne.

If you also intend to Sell a Property, we can prepare very high quality Sales Documents “in house” and introduce you to only the best Sales Agents – we Buy from them, so we know which ones are good at their jobs and which ones are not!

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